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Kinda Krazy Kids & Kompany is dedicated to nourishing the minds of all the children in Austin, TX. Our books are educational and fun, promoting mental health and well-being for boys and girls of all ages.

Reading enables your child to flourish as a creative, well-rounded human being. Books do not have to be dull; we strive to make them interesting and fun, so that no child ever feels as if reading is a tiresome chore.

As our society has thrived technologically, we’ve brushed reading beneath the carpet of preferred entertainments. Many youth of today would rather engage in video games or television shows, rather than explore the realm of literature.

Yet reading persists in our culture, and the recent popularity of many genres has opened up the world of books once more to teens and young adults. Books have begun to emerge in various age groups, and are perhaps more popular now than they were a few years ago.

Children ought not to feel excluded from this experience, and it is important to offer them books that are both engaging and educational. We believe in this generation, and we seek to enrich their minds with quality reading material.

We offer a broad array of children’s books, introducing young readers to various authors, topics and prose styles. Because each child is unique, we provide a large variety of books on a regular basis.

We want to cater to the tastes and reading levels of every customer. With such a large option of books to choose from, every child who visits us is sure to find a story that captures their attention.

Adventure is just a page away! Explore the world of books with the team at Kinda Krazy Kids & Kompany!

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